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My Story

My name is Susan Henderson. I first heard of Scentsy on Facebook...a friend would talk about it in her status updates on Facebook back when Facebook first started.  I didn't think much of it...until I went to the gym. I walked into the women's locker room one evening, and smelled something AMAZING.  Knowing that locker rooms are NOT known for their pleasant smells...I followed my nose to find out what kind of "air freshener" they were using in the locker room.  To my surprise I saw this beautiful warmer sitting on a countertop, with melted wax in it.. Ahhhhh (I thought to myself, as I read the business card) THIS is Scentsy!  So, I called my friend, and asked her to come over and tell me more about it.  She gave me a bag of samples and catalogs (called a basket party), a warmer, and some wax, to try out.  ...I fell IN LOVE :)  For the next three days I shared my experience with any friend or family member that came through my door.  I was hooked, and needed to get on board.  So I signed up!I host parties anywhere in the NW, and really enjoy sharing the Scentsy experience with others.  I love the way my home smells (no longer like dogs or boys), and that I can make my own softball, AND work full time as a Hospice Nurse.

If you are new to the Scentsy experience...let me know ! I would love to have the opportunity to share it with it was shared with me.   OR contact me, to find out about the latest deals and specials. Or...better yet, take a chance, and join my team :) Let's go places together with Scentsy.
$99 started my Scentsy story...starter kit and all...let's start your Scentsy story together... 

Warm the heart, Enliven the senses, Inspire the soul
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